Our database consists of 10 different categories:



Here you find sportsmen and -women in a classical sense as well as people who are somehow connected to the field of sports like coaches, club owners, referees, stadium announcers, sportswriters or race horse breeders. Yogateachers, martial artists, mountaineers and chess-, billiard-, go-, poker-, bridge- and dartplayers are listed here, too.



Here we have academics of all fields from philosophy to nuclear physics plus explorers and inventors, naturalists and engineers, programmers, educators and educational administrators, nurses, librarians and antiquaries.


Music & Radio

In this category there are musicians and composers, conductors and music producers, DJs, promoters and musicologists. Furthermore audio engineers and luthiers, radio personalities and executives of the music industry.



This category consists of sculptors, painters and etchers, gallery owners and art dealers, illustrators, comic book artists and cartoonists, architects and designers, dancers and choreographers. Typographers and artisans, game developers and performance artists, patrons of the arts and fashion designers are listed here, too.


TV, Movies & Theatre

Actors and directors, animators, producers, magicians, stuntmen, TV-journalists and news anchors. Set decorators, cinematographers, production designers and art directors. Animators and makeup artists, TV executives and televison personalities in general. They all have their place here.



In this category there are authors of all kinds. Publishers and editors. Newspaper journalists and columnists. Playwrights and screenwriters. Poets and novelists. Literary critics, copywriters and diarists are all listed here.


Criminals & Victims

Murderers and pirates, war criminals and serial killers. Famous thieves, mobsters, forgers, torturers and drug dealers. They have their place, too. On the other hand their victims. People who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Victims of police brutality and terror. If they have a wikipedia page they go in here.


Politics, Business & Military

This is the category for politicians and diplomats, kings, queens and nobility in general, civil servants, lawyers and judges, activists, soldiers, agents and spies, early settlers and pioneers. Businessmen and unionists, guerilla leaders and resistance fighters, bureaucrats, ministers, philanthropists and heirs of great fortunes also go in here.



Theologians and charlatans, martyrs and saints of all religions, occultists and sect leaders, popes and yogis. All those famous for their spirituality you find here. From the catholic church to islam. From astrology to pastafarianism. We all believe in something.



Here you find people who don’t fit into any of the other categories but have a wikipedia page nevertheless. Maybe sometimes the term does not really fit but we call them celebrities anyway.