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There is this sudanese bishop who in fact was an englishman.
Sometimes the given nationality refers not to the citizenship of the person but to the country where he or she is best known or was living and working for a significant part of her or his life. For instance there are a lot of people who lived and worked in the movie industry in the US but were in fact foreigners. Accordingly, they are listed as american.
Some people seem to be missing in your database although they are dead and have a wikipedia-page.
In most cases the reason for this is that either their exact birthday or date of death is not known. We only list those people whose exact dates of birth and death are known. If you stumble upon somebody who has a wikipedia-page where this data is available and who is not listed in our database, let us know and we'll correct that and include that guy to our list.
Václav Havel is listed as politician. But wasn't he a writer?
You are right. He was a writer. But a politician, too. Sometimes we have to decide which category we put somebody in because he meets the criteria of several but we can only put him in one. Singing actors, Scientists who wrote poetry etc.
The birthday for that guy in your database is another one as the one listed on his wikipedia-page.
This can have different reasons. First: typo. We are all bound to make mistakes. Although we have double-checked our database these things happen. Please notify us via our contact form (Hyperlink zu contact) and we'll correct that asap. Another reason might be that the data is disputed, meaning that for instance a german scientist has different birthdays listed on the english and on the german wikipedia-page. In this case we tended to take his birthday from the german wikipedia-page since he was a german scientist.